The Baleno has it all – as in everything you need to live life the way you want to. It’s just right, like the perfect pair of jeans – and you’ll know it as soon as you get in and push start.

The best-in-class 355ℓ luggage storage capacity allows you to decide how far you will let your passion take you, and pack accordingly. This hatchback offers easy-to-use stowing compartments and comfort is something you can expect from the Baleno.

The Baleno is a car that reflects your drive and your pace, with a low, wide design that gives you a sense of constant movement – even when you’re standing still.

A car for the individual, the attention to detail inside and out reflects the true personality of its driver.

With class-leading cabin space, the Baleno is a charismatic hatchback that gives you freedom to move your way. The generous luggage capacity and comfort of the interior create an environment that’s hard to leave when you arrive at your destination. Why not spend a little me time in your car?


The Baleno’s 1.4ℓ engine is designed to maximise energy efficiency and increase running power for an invigorating driving experience.

The Baleno’s unique circular A/C display with a high-contact LCD panel (GLX) increases visibility of the automatic air-conditioning system. The GL grade comes with a manual air conditioner.

The Baleno is available in a 5-speed manual transmission, with a smooth and precise shift feel and optimal gear ratios that benefit fuel-economy.

A 7-inch touchscreen display (GLX) enables intuitive operation of multimedia features including audio, hands-free phone, and smartphone integration. Features can be selected from the four main operating modes – Listen, Call, Drive and Connect.

The cruise control system (GLX) gives you a new level of convenience, especially when driving on highways. Set your speed, and keep moving effortlessly, efficiently, and with an energetic undercurrent that will keep the thrills coming.

With a body-length of only 3,995mm, the interior is incredibly spacious. The rear seats offer plenty of leg room and shoulder room, and even adults can ride comfortably in the back.