Ertiga 7 Seater



The all-new Ertiga is a stylish and ergonomically designed seven-seater with a powerful and responsive engine. It has space for the driver plus six people, luggage and all the enthusiasm you can muster.

Whether you’re driving the kids to school in rush-hour traffic, taking the family on a weekend excursion to the zoo, or courtesy transporting guests between hotels and airports, with the new Ertiga, you can really get “All in.”

This Suzuki boasts a long wheelbase, high headroom, ample legroom and careful positioning of the seats to ensure more than enough space for everyone, plus their gear. The foldable seats in the third row free up more packing space for everything you need to take with you. Both the second and third row seats can be adjusted into an array of configurations to accommodate different passenger and luggage needs.


The new Ertiga’s light, continuous frame efficiently absorbs and disperses energy in the event of a collision. Besides greater safety, the HEARTECT frame also contributes to lower fuel consumption and higher driving performance.

With its stylish aerodynamic shape, the Ertiga needs less energy to move forward, thereby using less fuel.

With its long wheelbase, high headroom, ample legroom and careful positioning of seats, the Ertiga offers more than enough space for everyone and their stuff.

Once you are on the road in the Ertiga, the responsiveness of the engine is the perfect assurance that the road ahead is well worth the time spent travelling.

Keep your cool with ultrasonic sensors on the rear bumper of the GL model to detect obstacles while you park. Warning sounds will help keep you informed of the distance to the obstacle.

The rear cabin of the GL model features ceiling-mounted, three-setting, air conditioning for the comfort of all your passengers.

The audio system of the GL model features a touch-panel with easy swiping operation and lets you play music from your smartphone through Bluetooth connectivity. It also comes with a USB port, 12V power socket, MP3 with AM/FM radio and steering wheel-mounted controls.